Friday, August 3, 2012

Buffalo Peak Hike

Buffalo Peak is an easy, 1-mile roundtrip hike. Like most hikes in this area, it offers a sweeping view of Utah Valley. However, this is is probably the easiest hike to obtain that view. Access: Turn onto Squaw Peak Road in Provo Canyon. Turn left when the road forks. After the pavement ends, continue 2.9 miles to the trailhead. The trailhead is not marked, but there is a small shoulder for parking on the right side of the road. Also on the right is a log fence; on the left is a sign about fire.

The trail is easy and pretty. At the beginning of August, there were still a few types of wildflowers evident.

Easy ascent through aspens
 The majority of the trail is gently sloped or level.

More like a walk than a hike

Towards the beginning of the trail there were many deadplants.
Living wildflowers were more common further on.

Utah Lake comes into view. Buffalo Peak is on the right.
The final ascent is more steep, but still pretty easy. I met a couple with two toddlers coming down, and they hadn't had any problems.

Looking west from the peak
 On the peak there are a few short, unmaintained spur trails for better views of the valley.

Looking southwest from the peak

Heading back down the trail
This hike took me about 45 minutes, but that included multiple stops for pictures, time at the summit, and a leisurely pace. I highly recommend this hike--it's easy and beautiful.

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