Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Exploring Ophir, Utah

While out on a day trip/drive, we stumbled across Ophir while exploring Highway 73.
Ophir is a former mining town. It appeared to be a semi-ghost town, with some abandoned structures, but its tiny main street also sports new-looking, clearly-inhabited houses. I also got the feeling that someone is trying to make Ophir a tourist destination. An outdoor pavilion has nice, new wooden picnic table with wagon wheels on each end. Old miners' cabins are being renovated. And I saw one sign that said tours are available on Saturdays. I would love to go back on a weekend to check that out.
Overall, I was very impressed with Ophir. It has lots of great little features just waiting to be discovered.
Mining remains along the road into town
There are many places to see mining remains in Utah, but I have never seen such complete, easily accessed remains.
Just before the Welcome sign
 And instead of leaving all the remains scattered about, the good people of Ophir have put together small scenes like the above. Very fun!

This is right off the side of the road. We had a great time climbing on and around these mine cars.
 In addition to mining remains, there are other fun, quirky things about Ophir. I don't want to give everything away, but a few examples follow:
Random exterior shelves featuring carved animals...and a haunted mine??
Numbers in a strange order and tools for hands. Delightfully quirky :)

This felt like the set of a Western.

I especially like the boots. :)
If you're looking to discover some of hidden Utah, Ophir is a great place to start. The town has a delightful personality with lots of great little quirks. Definitely a good place to go spend a couple hours.